Services and Capabilities

  • Board Repair of electronics circuit boards, motor controllers
    and high power supply unit.
  • Preventive maintenance, parameter optimization, line sustaining
  • Conduct in-house maintenance and process application trainings
  • Refurbishment of sub-assemblies;
    • Bondheads
    • workholders
    • wire clamps

Rehabilitation Process

Board Test Commissioning

Set-up and Calibration

Rehabilitation Process

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CTT provides in high performance probing solutions for monitoring DC parameters of semiconductor devices at the wafer level. CTT focuses on the probe card which makes electrical contact with the wafer, the card holder, cabling and interfaces to the semiconductor test system.

We are the technology leader in providing Multi-Site probing solutions which operate over a standard temperature range from -55°C to +250°C. Our products are ideally matched to customers in semiconductor R/D labs, or wafer fab production, who wish to monitor wafer level reliability (WLR) of transistors, circuits, or semiconductor process characteristics.

We solved major industry problems such as:

  • Simplified reliable interconnects in epoxy probing technologies
  • Multi-Site probe card in ceramic probing technologies

Our probecard spidering capabilities include:

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PCB Repair

CTT is a leader in the repair services of component level repair of subassemblies for a wide range of electronics. We provide a one-source solution not just to fix your product, but to provide you with a long term partnership that can adapt to the needs of your company. We specialize in legacy, out of warranty and obsolete equipment. We can provide a variety of repair and engineering services customized to your specific requirements. We offer a wide range of services,enginering hardware and software,depot repair,end of life product support,inventory management, and industry specific customized programs.Our services are categorized by industry in which is used and product type.


  • X-ray services for inner layer fault diagnosis and BGA joint integrity
  • Track cuts and replacement
  • Wire Adds and modifications
  • Plated through hole re-barrelling
  • Component removal & replacement (0201 packages through to uBGA)
  • Automated Optical Comparator checks (MDA) against known ‘good’ assembly
        for manufacturing defects
  • PCB assembly diagnostics and fault reporting
  • Product refurbishment and upgrade